Burggemeinde Brüggen


Burggemeinde Brüggen

In the city of Brüggen vacationers can visit city festivals, concerts, theater events and markets.


The Kreuzherrenkloster located in the center of Brüggen. The monastery is including the monastery church of Saint Nicholas. This was used as a residence tract and as well as a kitchen area and supply rooms. In addition to the farm buildings, there was a Latin school also. In 1751 the two-storey convent burned partially. In 1756 the Crusaders built in on in the late Baroque style again. Today the building is used as a town hall.

Natur- und Tierpark Brüggen

On 01 May 1958, the machine manufacturer Wilhelm Kerren, opened its nature and animal park in Brüggen for the first time. It arose from his private park. Kerren cared about many animals in his park. And as more and more people from the region visited him, he decided to open a nature park and a zoo. In addition in his own Locksmith he built beautiful playground equipment by his own ideas. After the founder’s death his family took over the park in 1979. Today the park is home of many exotic animals from all five continents who want to be admired and feed. For children, a special playground with tons of games and sports attractions is available. The zoo is a unique family leisure experience for young and old.

Borner See

From the 16th to 18th centuries the Borner lake was created by the removal of peat. Today it is one of the most popular destinations for hikers and cyclists.

Historic City Hall Brüggen

The historic Town Hall is the current seat of the municipal administration. It served as a former convent of the Order of Knights of the Cross.

Schloss Dillborn

The exact founding date of the castle Dilborn is not known. However, there are indications that the construction must have been taken place around 1200. The first mentioned are documented in 1363, where it the castle was owned by the family of Seger from Salmen. In 1583 Gerhard von Elmpt built a new house. The Imperial Count Julius von Schaesberg-Thanheim then acquired the Water Castle in 1853. The old castle was probably demolished in 1850. Unfortunately, today only the gardens are seen.

Naturpark Maas-Schwalm-Nette

Brüggen is located in the heart of the natural park Maas-Schwalm-Nette, and has extensive areas of forest and numerous lakes and rivers. Dutch visitors who hike the NS hiking trail will receive a free packed lunch from us if they book directly through this website.

Brüggener Mühle

The Brüggener mill was first mentioned in 1289 and served as oil and grain mill. The wheel for grinding plants used the water of the little river Schwalm. In 1801 the mill was privately owned. It has ceased operations until the year 1955.

Tourist Information

To get more information and materials, brochures, city maps, hiking and cycling maps etc. ask at the reception or at the tourist information Tourist Information Gemeinde Brüggen.